Bitter Apricot Kernels, California Grown, 1 lb Raw Apricot Seeds, 100% All Natural, GMO Free from Organic Farms
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Bitter Apricot Kernels, California Grown, 1 lb Raw Apricot Seeds, 100% All Natural, GMO Free from Organic Farms

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Bitter Apricot Kernels, 1 Pound (750 seeds), 100% Raw Apricot Seeds, California Grow, Current Crop, All Natural, GMO Free, Pesticide Free, Gluten Free

Unlock the Best Part of Your Favorite Fruits
While we all savor the sweet flesh of apricots, peaches, and cherries, there's a hidden gem inside these fruits that many cultures cherish—the seed. Encased in the tough pit, these small seeds are packed with nutritious goodness.

Getting to the Seed
Extracting apricot kernels can be quite a challenge. It starts with selecting the ripest apricots, then carefully cutting around the fruit to separate it into halves. The tough pit in the center must be removed, and then comes the tricky part—cracking open the hard outer shell without damaging the delicate kernel inside. Given the difficulty and the risk of damaging the kernels, why not save yourself the trouble? Let us handle the hard work. Our expertly processed, high-quality apricot kernels are ready for you to enjoy right out of the bag, ensuring you get the best nutrition with none of the hassle.

Why Apricot Seeds
Apricot seeds are prized for their high levels of a special nutrient found in the seeds. They also contain Pangamic Acid (B15) and natural enzymes, creating a powerful combination that many believe supports a healthy immune system. Explore the potential benefits and make an informed choice for yourself.

Bitter is Better
The bitterness of apricot seeds is a sign of their potency. Sweet seeds have little to offer, while bitter seeds pack the most punch. Our California-grown apricot seeds are among the most potent and bitter, ensuring you get the best quality.

California-Grown for Unmatched Quality
Our apricot seeds are cultivated with care on pristine organic farms in California, ensuring they are raw, natural, and brimming with nutrients. These seeds are not only bitter but also vegan, gluten-free, pesticide-free, and GMO-free, providing you with a product of unparalleled quality and purity. By choosing our apricot seeds, you are supporting sustainable farming practices and indulging in a healthful snack that's as close to nature as possible. Experience the exceptional standards and meticulous attention to detail that go into every seed we offer, straight from the sunny orchards of California to your home.

Enjoy Apricot Seeds in Delicious Ways
Whether you love the bitter, amaretto-like flavor on its own or prefer a sweeter touch, there are many ways to enjoy apricot seeds. Dip them in honey, pair them with dried apricots, sprinkle them on sandwiches or salads, blend them into drinks, or add them to trail mix.

Freshness Guaranteed
We package our seeds daily, guaranteeing their freshness for at least a year from the packaging date.
Discover the natural power of apricot seeds and add a nutritious boost to your diet today!

A Friendly Note:
When consuming raw apricot seeds or any other foods with B17, it’s important to consider the proper amount.  As with everything ingested, monitoring the manner your body responds to elements that are unfamiliar with it, as well as checking the measures are important. consumption should be measured and balanced at all times. 

Every person’s substance-processing capacity varies, which is the reason that monitoring the reaction of your body to a different substance is imperative.  This will assist you to understand whenever any adjustment has to be effected to the number of consumed apricot seeds.

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