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Cycloastragenol 10 mg, 60 capsules

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  • Cycloastragenol 98% Pure & Natural
  • 60 capsules per bottle
  • Extra Strength 10 mg per capsule
  • Made From Natural Astragalus

Cycloastragenol (CAG) is a powerful anti-aging compound found in astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus). In traditional Chinese medicine, this plant has been used for centuries to promote youthfulness and vigor.

Aging in a nutshell All the cells in the body contain DNA packed into chromosomes. The end part of each chromosome is called a telomere. Each time a cell copies itself, it loses part of its telomeres. An enzyme called telomerase counterbalances this effect by making the telomeres longer. As we age, our telomerase enzymes become less active, and our telomeres grow shorter. Eventually, this may lead to all sorts of age-related health issues.

That’s where cycloastragenol could change everything.

Cycloastragenol is a telomerase activator. By making the cells able to rebuild their telomeres, it makes them biochemically younger. Cells with longer telomeres are more likely to build healthy copies of themselves. [1] Put out the fire of inflammation Studies have reported that CAG may have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. [2] As aging is usually accompanied by low-grade inflammation, this feature makes cycloastragenol beneficial both against the root cause of aging and many of its symptoms. Rejuvenate all systems in the body

Cycloastragenol is loaded with potential health support all around: - May help in supporting a healthy emotional mindset[3] - May help support healthy joints [4] - May help support a healthy immunity [5] - May support healthy vision [6] - When applied topically, may reduce visible signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles [7]

Feel the POWER of CAG (cycloastragenol).

Buy today and reclaim your youth.

Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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