Cycloastragenol 10 mg, 60 Capsules / Get 8 oz Bag of Apricot Kernels FREE
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Cycloastragenol 10 mg, 60 Capsules / Get 8 oz Bag of Apricot Kernels FREE

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Buy one bottle of Cycloastragenol 10 mg, 60 Capsules
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Cycloastragenol (CAG) is a powerful anti-aging compound found in astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus). In traditional Chinese medicine, this plant has been used for centuries to promote youthfulness and vigor.

Aging in a nutshell All the cells in the body contain DNA packed into chromosomes. The end part of each chromosome is called a telomere. Each time a cell copies itself, it loses part of its telomeres. An enzyme called telomerase counterbalances this effect by making the telomeres longer. As we age, our telomerase enzymes become less active, and our telomeres grow shorter. Eventually, this may lead to all sorts of age-related health issues.

That’s where cycloastragenol could change everything.

Cycloastragenol is a telomerase activator. By making the cells able to rebuild their telomeres, it makes them biochemically younger. Cells with longer telomeres are more likely to build healthy copies of themselves. [1] Put out the fire of inflammation Studies have reported that CAG may have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. [2] As aging is usually accompanied by low-grade inflammation, this feature makes cycloastragenol beneficial both against the root cause of aging and many of its symptoms. Rejuvenate all systems in the body

Cycloastragenol is loaded with potential health support all around: - May help in supporting a healthy emotional mindset[3] - May help support healthy joints [4] - May help support a healthy immunity [5] - May support healthy vision [6] - When applied topically, may reduce visible signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles [7]

Feel the POWER of CAG (cycloastragenol).

Buy today and reclaim your youth.

Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

8 Oz Bitter Apricot Kernels Raw All Natural Seeds California Grown

Apricots kernels can be added to other foods as a flavoring
Apricot seeds could be consumed uncooked or crushed into fine particles for enhancing curries, soups, vegetables, cereal or fruit juice.  Also, they can be cooked in oil that’s used in cooking, salad dressings, facial lotions, and fuel.

Tiny fruit seeds are rich in Amygdalin.
These seeds may be from apples, grapes, wild crab apples, and berries (like strawberries, raspberries, elderberries, and blackberries).  So, when you buy fruit preserves with seeds, they are likewise a great source of B17.

B17 in apricot seeds can be used as a body scrub.
You could get a glowing complexion in just a few minutes using a delicious soothing apricot seed scrub as you do with almond or olive oil.  Just mix the oil of the apricot seed with sugar or yogurt.  Then, rub your face and body gently to exfoliate and give it a glowing skin with renewed radiance.

B17 can be an essential element in making cosmetics and massage oils
The oil of apricot seed is rich in vitamins A and E, besides fatty acids, which could be used in moisturizing and nourishing mature and dry skin.  Thus, it’s widely used in cream make-up, skin lotions, and soaps since the oil is easily absorbed without leaving an oily residue at all.  It’s also used as a sunbathing and massage oil, as well as with another aromatherapy oil. 
Apricot seed oil in its natural form is full of gamma linoleic acid that’s useful in firming and toning your skin.  It soothes eczema and slows down the process of aging.  It can also be used as a night oil.  Just remember to cleanse, besides toning your face prior to doing this to help you off-load clogged pores and a glossy nose.

When consumed in its natural form, B17 is bitter.
Amygdalin is unpleasant to our taste buds for the reason that the food business has made very many modifications to foods with the objective of properly enhancing flavors.  As a result, B17 has been critically reduced by cross-breeding and selection.  It’s a relief, though, that there exist many foods equally wild and domesticated that hold B17.

A Friendly Note:
When consuming raw apricot seeds or any other foods with B17, it’s important to consider the proper amount.  As with everything ingested, monitoring the manner your body responds to elements that are unfamiliar with it, as well as checking the measures are important. consumption should be measured and balanced at all times. 

Every person’s substance-processing capacity varies, which is the reason that monitoring the reaction of your body to a different substance is imperative.  This will assist you to understand whenever any adjustment has to be effected to the number of consumed apricot seeds.

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