How Does Beta Glucans Work?

Beta Glucan is an essential substance found in foods like oats, mushrooms, barley, yeasts, and so on. It’s a form of polysaccharide, a molecule that’s made up of numerous sugar molecules. Studies show that beta-glucan offers heaps of health benefits. It’s also primarily linked to immune system boosting effects.

Now, with all these attractive health benefits, you might be wondering how this wonder product does it all.

How does Beta-glucans work?
When taken intravenously, beta glucans boost the immune system by increasing the chemicals that fight off infections.

How do you know if Beta Glucan is Working and When?
As you start taking Beta Glucan, there’s an immediate boost on your immune system. However, there are complicated processes in the body that need to take place before the immune system is totally activated. It generally takes 3 days for the immune system to reach the maximum immune response level. As long as you take the right dosage, your immune system will stay at this optimum level.

Immune System and Beta Glucan
Because beta glucan supports your immune system, your body is now more capable of recognizing and eliminating abnormal cells. Beta glucans are not natural elements of the human cells. Thus, our immune system detects them as foreign invaders, triggering an immune response. This then leads to the activation of phagocytic cells and immune proteins that recognize and destroy bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing microorganisms quickly and efficiently.

Weight Loss and Beta Glucan
Beta glucan is a source of fiber. Thus, it can boost your satiety levels. The overall increase in satiety reduces energy intake. Since you easily feel full, you are less likely to eat more.

Skin and Beta Glucan
Beta glucan is used in some skin care formulas. The exact mechanism is still unknown, but theories show how it increases wound healing due to macrophages infiltrating the wound and the subsequent tissue granulation due to collagen biosynthesis. This proposed mechanism has made beta glucan one of the common ingredients among wrinkle-reducing and anti-aging products.

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