Research suggests dried fruit rich sources in fiber and iron

Indeed, numerous research has suggested that dried fruits are rich suppliers of iron, which plays important bodily functions, and dietary fiber, which maintains digestion to run smoothly.  And the healthiest dried fruits are figs, plums, raisins, apricots, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, dates, hazelnuts, prunes, and raisins.

The list of main foods rich in calcium also includes dried fruit!  The question now is which is better, dried or raw fruit?  Are they the same in terms of health benefits?  Well, we all know that a fruit loses a lot of water through the process of drying.  In fact, this explains why three pounds of fresh fruit yields just around a pound of dried up fruit.

Then again, dried fruit proposes some benefits compared to fresh fruits, such as being convenient, lasts longer, and boosts energy quickly.  By substituting a few portions of raw fruit weekly with smaller servings of dried out fruit, you could work to enlarge your consumption of antioxidants, dietary fiber, iron, and potassium.

Meanwhile, there had been evidence of dried fruits as candied fruit, especially when package label says it’s crystallized.  This means it has a higher sugar content and may be unwholesome for your teeth if you consume too much.  If eating candied fruits cannot be avoided, then reduce your cavity risk by enjoying them at mealtimes, instead of as a nibble.  Also, don’t forget to brush your teeth or drinking lots of water after eating candied dried fruit.

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