The Many Unknown Health Benefits of Apricot Oil

The oil of an orange-colored apricot from China is among those oils that have many values for the human body.  All you need to do is extract the seed of the apricot to produce its kernel oil that contains an average of 45% oil in a strong yellow shade with a somewhat nutty taste.  Do you know that Chinese people believe that apricot or apricot kernel oil is a treatment for ulcers and other illnesses?  Check out the other many unknown health benefits of B17-rich apricot oil: 

  1. Heart-friendly

We’re all aware that heart ailments are very dangerous and can lead to death.  A research conducted by MF Ramadan on apricot oil and mice in 2011 showed the benefit of reducing the danger of heart attack or myocardial infarction.  In addition, uncontrolled usage of oil for cooking can be a cause of cardiovascular disease.

So, instead of the regular oils, try using apricot oil in cooking to improve the health of your heart by 50%.  Bear in mind that apricot oil holds lycopene that serves to inhibit the incidence of heart ailments.

  1. Good for the skin, face, eyes, lips, and hair

Its content of vital fatty, linoleic, and oleic acids helps to maintain healthy skin.  Vitamins A and E in the apricot oil plays the role of a skin conditioner that makes the skin supple and smooth.  For the same reason, it’s also considered as a great carrier, aromatherapy, and massage oil, especially that it’s easily absorbed by the skin. 

Additionally, apricot oil also protects the skin from harmful effects of sunshine, besides helping in the healing damaged skin due to its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.  In fact, a 2009 study conducted by D. Yigit, revealed that apricot seeds couldn’t only serve by way of a rich food source, but may likewise be of significance in ethnobotanical research because of their high antimicrobial and antioxidant activities.

It comes as no surprise that apricot kernel oil can help resolve acne problems as the oleic and linoleic acids in it fights inflammation.  Additionally, it’s beneficial to the eyes, lips, and hair for the same reasons. 

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