Support your Immune System with Beta Glucan

The Human Immune System

The human immune system, simply called as antibodies, is an arrangement of tissues, cells, and organs working together to safeguard the body versus infection and uphold overall health.  It’s essential to human life as the body exists as an optimal setting for pathogens, like microbes, parasites, toxins, fungi, bacteria, and viruses, to thrive. 

The funny thing, though, is that most people frequently do not even think of its value.  It’s some form of patrol in the body that reacts at a break of the skin, besides each time the nose and mouth opens.  If invaders get in the body, it emits defense lines, be it in the organs, blood, bones or muscles.

This internal patrol sometimes gets overzealous to the point that it can work against us by causing allergies or autoimmune disorders, like multiple sclerosis and lupus.  At other instances, it weakens, crashes, and becomes useless.  Try to imagine the many occasions you came in contact with somebody who has the flu or a cold.

Perhaps now you can see how habitually your antibodies fight off those microorganisms and maintain you in good health.  What if, in its place, your body caught the flu, as well?  Then, that means your immune system needs support.  And the same is the case when your recovery is much slower despite your medications.

Upon the immune system’s complete failure, you are left with no natural protection in opposition to an illness.  This makes you open toward opportunistic infections and sicknesses that could even arise from what ordinarily would not harm you, such as herpes simplex, recurrent pneumonia, and tuberculosis, to name a few.

People who stay immunocompromised, like those with diabetes and HIV, belong to this group.  This makes particular cancer types more likely.  To this day, doctors still do not know exactly the reason for the failure of the immune system.  There are hints, however, considering that the antibodies, being an integrated system, is hard-wired in the human central nervous group. 

So, when the immune system is healthy, everything functions automatically.  When it starts to fall apart, things go erratic.  For example, when you do not sleep well, as well as getting stressed, your body produces more cortisol, the human stress hormone.

Symptoms of a Weak Immune System:

After some time, high levels of cortisol can hold a degenerative result on the body, such as the breaking down of healthy muscle and bone, as well as slowing the process of healing.  Cortisol can affect your metabolism and digestion, besides adversely modifying your mental processes.  Generally, the signals of an immune system needing support are:

  1. Aching joints,
  2. Fatigue,
  3. Headaches,
  4. Losing hair in patches,
  5. Mild fever,
  6. Rashes, and
  7. Repeated infections.

How to Support Your Immune System:

To boost and optimize the functioning of your immune system, you must:

  1. Avoid smoking,
  2. Bring down your alcohol intake,
  3. Cook meat thoroughly,
  4. Drink lots of water,
  5. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts,
  6. Exercise regularly,
  7. Get adequate quality sleep,
  8. Increase your exposure to the sun,
  9. Maintain your ideal body weight,
  10. Manage your stress levels,
  11. Take probiotics,
  12. Wash your hands often, and
  13. Supplement your food intake with Beta Glucan.

Beta Glucan:

It remains a mixture that the mainstream public has categorically no knowledge of.  It holds proven health values, covering over half a century of peer examined studies.  Scientists and researchers in the field of health have judged it among the most essential discoveries in immunity support.  

This is on behalf of its proven capability to effectively improve and support the human immune system, besides preventing cardiovascular and cancer.  The annals of history disclosed that Beta Glucans have been utilized in traditional medication, specifically in Japan. 

It has been comprehensively studied for numerous years, particularly aimed at its potential as an immunomodulatory or a biological response converter.  Traditional Asian and Chinese medicines extensively used medicinal mushrooms by way of a Beta Glucan source. 

Beta Glucan is classified as an immunomodulator or biological response modifier, which is a compound that reacts to a threat upon the immune support system by modifying its response.  In its natural form, Beta Glucan is the sugar created in the walls of cells of the brewer's yeast, shiitake or lentinan, maitake, seaweed, barley, bacteria, fungi, algae, lichens, and oats. 

Properly developed from the natural food resource, it could be utilized by way of a food supplement that preserves the macrophages, explicitly the white blood cells or WBC, properly balanced, as well as stay in an endless state of keenness for the antibodies to properly respond to all perceived threats.

Beta Glucan Benefits:

  1. Boosts cardiovascular health

There’s hard evidence that it can boost cardiovascular health.  The U.S. FDA or Food and Drug Administration has permitted a heart-healthy tag for foodstuff that holds high Beta Glucan content, based on pieces of evidence.  Several studies recommend that it may lower triglycerides and cholesterol.  One study found that consuming oats with Beta Glucan at a minimum of three grams daily reduced LDL or bad cholesterol levels at an average of six percent.

  1. Regulates levels of blood sugar

It may assist reduce the danger of type 2 diabetes and also improve control of blood sugar for diabetic people. 

  1. Supports the immune system

Researchers are certain that it could have several positive impacts on a person’s immunity, although more research exists necessary since previous research has been of trials to animals.  Scientists think it may stimulate the antibodies and facilitate the body repel infection and disease more effectively.

How Beta Glucan Works:

Since it’s a fiber that can be dissolved, Beta Glucan reduces the speed of food passage within the intestines.  The result is the body taking a long time to digest the food denoting that the body absorbs sugar slowly, as well. 

Thus, the odds of spikes in the blood sugar is reduced and helps keep glucose levels stable.  Being hard to digest, Beta Glucan goes across the whole gastrointestinal tract.  And as it moves, it takes cholesterol with it, therefore, lowering cholesterol levels, as well. 

Beta Glucan Supplements:

It’s naturally found in certain foods and stays generally considered nontoxic.  As much as our daily diet doesn’t always include the natural food sources of Beta Glucan, we can choose to secure it in its supplement form. 

People with health conditions, like inflammatory bowel ailments, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and multiple sclerosis, may especially be careful when taking supplements of Beta Glucan because their antibodies are already overactive. 

In addition, Beta Glucans may affect some medicines, such as NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin.  So, ensure to consult your doctor prior to taking supplements when you have a chronic health condition. 

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