Support your Immune System with Beta Glucan

Have you met anyone who likes getting a cold?  If you have met that person, then he must be super healthy to miss the flu or cold days!  For the majority, catching the flu bug can be a monthly thing.  And if you want to put an end to this or even just lengthen the interval from one cold episode to another, you definitely need to support your immune system regularly.

Recent research endorses many ways for people to stay healthy.  On top of the list is letting the food do the magic to your body.  So, take foods that support the immune system daily, such as red bell peppers, citrus fruits, broccoli, yogurt, garlic, almonds, ginger, salmon, spinach, mackerel, tuna, sardines, milk, orange juice, and cereals, to name a few. 

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and warmer fluids.  So, make vegetable broths and soups and include them in your daily meals at home.  Sip herbal teas, such as Echinacea and ginger, instead of drinking sweetened beverages and concentrated fruit extracts.  Remember that sugar is harmful to the immunity and can cause diabetes.

It follows, therefore, that you should avoid desserts and sweet treats for their sugar content and the fact that refined grain products and white flour are converted into sugar pretty fast.  In fact, studies have revealed that processed sugars can stifle for hours the immune system after ingestion. 

Of course, exercising regularly and getting adequate sleep helps, as well, as it’s critical to boosting your immunity through natural ways to help block the flu and other infections.  Then again, for adults, you may also take supplements, like Beta-Glucans, for further immune support.  Research has exposed that this mixture up-regulates the work of the natural immune system.

This fragment of your immunity is the defense’s front line against bacteria and viruses.  After all, beta-glucans help in the binding of your white blood cells that propels the innate immune system to destroy the harmful bacteria and viruses. 

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