5 Things You Must Know About Vitamin B17

Nothing feels more important than taking good care of your health at all times. However, with today’s lifestyle, maintaining good health seems more challenging to acquire due to exposure to toxins like air pollution on a daily basis and lesser rest hours because of the internet.

As the society’s way of living is constantly changing, people should start giving more value to vitamins and nutrients as part of their daily consumption to fight against foreign substances that enter and harm one’s body. Interestingly, the world is yet to be fully understood by anyone due to several discoveries that are yet to be dug deeper by researchers.

One topic that seems to fascinate the minds of researchers is Vitamin B17. Vitamin B17 is derived from a particular plant component identified as amygdalin. Not much discovery has been made about this substance, but here are some things you must know about Vitamin B17:

Foods with Vitamin B17

You may not realize it, but some foods you normally consume have a certain percentage of Vitamin B17 in it. These foods include the following:

  • Raw nuts: Almond and macadamia
  • Seeds: Chia, sesame, buckwheat, and flax
  • Berries: Blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, strawberry, chokeberry, and elderberry
  • Fruits: Apricot, cherry, peach, plum, apple, pear, and prunes
  • Grasses: Wheatgrass, acacia, milkweed, and white Dover
  • Beans: Burma, lima, scarlet runner, and broad

Positive for Antioxidant Properties

    It has always been a given fact that the human body is constantly exposed to oxidative stress and that the oxygen splits into a single, unpaired electron. As a result, these atoms become free radicals that attach to other electrons and damage the cells in the body. The more free radicals present in the body, the more detrimental it becomes to the health.

     Several foods and dietary supplements have antioxidant properties that help get rid of these free radicals from the body. Amygdalin in Vitamin B17, for instance, is praised for its antioxidant components.


    Support The Immune System

      Getting sick is a tiring feeling, especially when you start feeling unwell in the middle of an errand. Sometimes, stress can be a causative agent as to why the immune system becomes too weak to fend off bacteria and viruses from invading your body.

      Knowing that the immune system plays a vital role in keeping the body healthily active, there are substances that further boost the immune system. One remarkable substance that may do this kind of job is Vitamin B17.

      Support Healthy Blood Pressure

        People, most especially those with a sedentary lifestyle, often lose control of their diet and eat whatever they want without being cautious of their health. As a result, an increasing influx of people is now experiencing high blood pressure, and it’s never a good thing as it’s prone to stroke.

        There are several compounds that help in controlling the blood pressure from rising, including thiocyanate – a substance found in Vitamin B17. This specific compound helps in suppressing the blood pressure; hence, another positive aspect everyone must look into.

         May Help Relieve Pain

           You may not know this, but Vitamin B17 is has been used in traditional medicine as an analgesic. Taking up Vitamin B17 helps soothe pain, which results in a relaxing aftermath.

          Patients undergoing extreme pain due to their condition feel relieved whenever they take up pain reliever. There are several pain relievers with Vitamin B17 being part of the list.

          Vitamin B17 works wonders in the body as long as it’s taken in the right amount, and it also works perfectly okay when paired with another supplement like Beta Glucan from Nature’s Choice Supplements. That way, you’ll be able to ensure that your body is now well-taken care of and is protected from these hazardous toxins in the environment.




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