Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 is the nickname of Amygdalin and not really considered as a real vitamin in mainstream science and health community.

Before telling you more about vitamin B17, let’s make things clear between amygdalin and Laetrile.  Amygdalin is the scientific name of the food molecule found in many foods.  This had been modified as Laetrile that’s no longer natural, not amygdalin at all, and not available anywhere.  As for Vitamin B17, here are some facts you may be interested to know:

In reality, many doctors haven’t considered about the detail that vitamin B12’s Cyanocobalamin holds in its molecule a cyanide radical.  Also, the truth is that cyanide existing in vitamin B17 is like saying, “Let’s not eat any salt because it’s sodium chloride that has the deadly chlorine gas!”  Then again, is there any household in the world that doesn’t consider table salt a necessity in cooking? 


B17 is found in more than 1,200 edible vegetation around the globe.

It’s naturally included in the primitive man’s foods and cultures that are even noted today for their absence of chronic diseases.  These many ethnic groups include those in Latin America, Africa, the Black Sea, Northwest Pakistan, the Navajo and Hopi Native Americans, and the Eskimo.


Apricots kernels can be added to other foods as a flavoring

Apricot seeds could be consumed uncooked or crushed into fine particles for enhancing curries, soups, vegetables, cereal or fruit juice.  Also, they can be cooked in oil that’s used in cooking, salad dressings, facial lotions, and fuel.


Tiny fruit seeds are rich in Amygdalin.

These seeds may be from apples, grapes, wild crab apples, and berries (like strawberries, raspberries, elderberries, and blackberries).  So, when you buy fruit preserves with seeds, they are likewise a great source of B17.


B17 in apricot seeds can be used as a body scrub.

You could get a glowing complexion in just a few minutes using a delicious soothing apricot seed scrub as you do with almond or olive oil.  Just mix the oil of the apricot seed with sugar or yogurt.  Then, rub your face and body gently to exfoliate and give it a glowing skin with renewed radiance.


B17 can be an essential element in making cosmetics and massage oils

The oil of apricot seed is rich in vitamins A and E, besides fatty acids, which could be used in moisturizing and nourishing mature and dry skin.  Thus, it’s widely used in cream make-up, skin lotions, and soaps since the oil is easily absorbed without leaving an oily residue at all.  It’s also used as a sunbathing and massage oil, as well as with another aromatherapy oil. 

Apricot seed oil in its natural form is full of gamma linoleic acid that’s useful in firming and toning your skin.  It soothes eczema and slows down the process of aging.  It can also be used as a night oil.  Just remember to cleanse, besides toning your face prior to doing this to help you off-load clogged pores and a glossy nose.


When consumed in its natural form, B17 is bitter.

Amygdalin is unpleasant to our taste buds for the reason that the food business has made very many modifications to foods with the objective of properly enhancing flavors.  As a result, B17 has been critically reduced by cross-breeding and selection.  It’s a relief, though, that there exist many foods equally wild and domesticated that hold B17.


B17 can assist in upholding hair health

Rub down your hair through mixing apricot seed oil with oils, like olive and coconut oils, to cure flaky and dry scalp.  It’s very good in support of chemically treated and damaged hair as it can restore your hair’s sheen.


A Friendly Note: 

When consuming raw apricot seeds or any other foodstuff with B17, it’s important to consider the proper amount.  As with everything ingested, monitoring the manner your body responds to elements that are unfamiliar with it, as well as checking the measures are important.  After all, consumption should be measured and balanced at all times. 

Every person’s substance-processing capacity varies, which is the reason that monitoring the reaction of your body to a different substance is imperative.  This will assist you to understand whenever any adjustment has to be effected to the number of consumed apricot seeds.

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