B17 may assist in upholding hair health!?

Do you find this hard to believe?  Remember that the richest known source of B17 is apricot kernels.  They don’t contain a substantial amount of minerals and vitamins, but the apricot kernel’s oil is high in vitamin E and K!  Thus, the B17 in apricot oil could boost hair health and growth, besides preventing hair loss for both men and women.

Apricot oil is a thin, odorless oil from its seed that’s actually good, not just for the hair, but also for your skin and body.  It holds linoleic acid, an omega-9 fatty acid, that’s a wonderful balm making the scalp and hair more pliable, soft, encouraging hair growth, and at the same time prevents moisture loss.

The abundant vitamin K and E content in apricot oil are greatly aimed at nourishing and reinforcing the roots’ hair follicles and also functions as an innate moisturizer.  Since vitamin K thickens blood cells, as well as tightens the skin identical to a natural toner, it makes it possible for more nutrients to pass into hair follicles, besides ensuring that the scalp holds a tighter grasp of the individual locks resulting to a reduced hair loss.

Apricot oil also moisturizes, besides soothe an itchy scalp that often causes dandruff.  By rubbing the oil on your scalp, combing it often, and rinsing, you will alleviate the discomfort and the hair’s dry flakes that generally arise as an effect of scratching the irritated scalp.  By mixing apricot and almond oil, you can have a splendid cream for a hot oil treatment.

Finally, it contains lots of solid antioxidants, like caffeic acid, catechins, and hydroxycinnamic, which will similarly remove and remedy the collection of toxic chemicals that may have lingered on the scalp owing to the continued application of chemical products for the hair, like hair-sprays, or common pollutants that can cause hair irritation or damage.

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